Categories Of Airport Parking

Today airports are offering different rates for parking and other related services.  The difference in prices for parking at the airport is due to the convenience needed by customers or the distance from the terminals, the departure and arrival points.  Normally airport parking is offered off the airport grounds.  The options for parking can be very challenging in some cases but there are quite a number of guides that can help you to determine for how long you are going to park at the airport.  To get more info, click park and fly seatac airport. The most challenging part of airport parking is about the numerous options available, both cheap and expensive this will keep you wondering what to go by.  In your decision, you may use either business parking which offers quicker transfer time or opt for self-parking.
 Generally, we have many kinds of airport parking lots for clients and the only thing to do is deduce what they offer as well as their advantages. First of all we have the short-term parking.  This parking is mostly found at the dropping off and picking up points in an airport. To add on that, it is very convenient but very expensive.  It is meant for individuals who transport and drop off passengers at the arrivals and departure points in the airport. In addition to that the rates are determined on per hour basis.  In this type of parking discounts are given after a specified period of time elapses .
Secondly we have long term parking.  Customers can park their vehicles over an extended stretch of time at the airport, can go up to five days . It is very cheap because you have booker for some longer time. To get more info, visit seatac airport parking.  This parking is very good if you only get your space in advance to avoid running from here and there in the last minutes. We also have terminal parking which is accessible from departure level only. It consists of multiple numbers of four parking structures.  In addition to that, the parking is constructed to suit only some vehicle s of a certain height and those which cannot adhere to that are not allowed in.
 Another parking category is valet parking.  Popularly recognized as meet and greet parking. It is for those individuals in a hurry and who do not want to waste their time parking. Here executives from a reputable firm at the airport will park for you when you a light from your car .  Lastly, terminal curbside parking and self-parking.  It does not allow for drivers to stay for longer time, need to load and offload things really quick.  Self-parking is the easiest so far with you parking your own car, keeping your keys as well. Learn more from

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